Five Things I'm Loving

1. We recently got this rug from Target and I am loving it. It's brighter than the image shows online, but I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it. It's very easy to vacuum and someone already asked me if it was Anthro. Wahoo (:

2. Grapefruit margaritas. Wham! My cousin, Allie, was in town a few weeks ago and introduced me to them. They are so refreshing! Here's how she makes them:

- 1/2 glass Pure La Croix
- 1/2 grapefruit (juiced in, but keep the chunks)  
- A splash of Grapefruit Juice
- Squeezed lime
- 1 shot tequila
- Jalapeños (I like 2-3 slices without the seeds)
- Cayenne pepper to taste

They're such a good spring drink!

3. Every Man Jack Body Wash in Eucalyptus. Is it weird to talk about my body wash? Hm. We got it at Target and it smells wonderful. It's dye free, cruelty free, GMO free, gluten free - and, although it wasn't free, it is cheaper than other body washes of its kind. We're loving it!

4. Be Green Dry Shampoo. This stuff! It immediately jumped to the top of my favorite dry shampoo list. It is very effective and makes my hair look so thick. It is the #1 dry shampoo on the EWG's list, too. Not to mention it somehow makes my top knots better. Sometimes I feel like top knots take a lot of finesse, but this stuff makes my hair just want to be thrown on top of my head.

Be Green sent me the dry shampoo to try and I will absolutely buy it again. Although it is a slightly higher price point, since it's a powder, it will last a lot longer than sprays. 

5. We have been making Parmesan Turkey Avocado Burgers lately and they are delicious. It is actually my most-ever pinned recipe. All of those pinners can't be wrong, guys! They are worth making. They are very simple but people will think you're fancy because of the avocado INSIDE the burger, yep! 

Have the best weekend!