hello weekend!
Allie is here and we are going to spend every minute of this weekend outside. One part poolside
monday, monday
What a weekend! I visited Allie in DC and it was quite the whirlwind. I returned home without a
The District!
wonderful it was to be with them. After lunch Allie and I thoroughly discussed our plan to get our family them, Allie and I went on an extremely long walk from her apartment in the District to Georgetown she’s running this errand, or seeing this friend. Thank you for your fabulous hostessing, Allie! What do you get when you put an Allie, a Courtney, a Sam, a Ryan, a Lily, a Finn, a Crosby and a
happiness this week
. Loving this mashup Allie sent me. After you listen, click on the "Your Lips Are Moving" one, too. It's 1. Still on a high from my trip to visit Allie in LA. We had the best time catching up and I loved
my type of people // until we meet again
Allie took us to the airport, a Veteran watching us say goodbye said, "Never said goodbye. Say count on my friends. This weekend I went to D.C. to visit Allie with Maggie and Jordan and by the
{a great cup of coffee}
I recently discovered Be Up & Doing, which quickly became one of my favorite blogs. Allie is the is where Allie found the original recipe, but am so pleased with the coffee I'm sipping from Uganda
A Friday Kind of Love
Foreverrrr ago (read: June 8), Allie sent me A Friday Kind of Love. And I kind of loved it. Because
birthday in review. di di!
toilet paper. Thank you to everyone who made my birthday perfect :) A special shout out to Allie for
yaay! yaay! yaay!
, Allie and Sara are all coming to stay with me and I can't wait to play hostess. By the way, it's totally
GA-VA Weekend
-burg addiction. My George Forman will vouch for me. Allie drove down from DC to meet me for a little
Tie dye and ice cream
getting cooler at a younger age? After the game, I continued my time warp when I took Allie and Emma to
Calphalon Convection Oven Giveaway
I was on the phone with my cousin, Allie, and I said, "I think quinoa is actually kind of hard to
There's one in all of us...
my birthday, we went to the circus. Unfortunately, though, we had to leave early because Allie was because I was scared of the mini roller coaster and Allie was scared of the mirror house (poor Becca, the course). My group was composed of Becca, Allie and me, and later, when she realized she didn't want to be
Five Things I'm Loving
already asked me if it was Anthro. Wahoo (: 2. Grapefruit margaritas. Wham! My cousin, Allie, was in
The magic of the Wand
grabbing some scissors and taking care of it myself, when Allie offered me the Wand. Her roommate had
give, live, love.
. Not necessarily by apologizing to those we may have wronged in preschool (though I am sorry, Allie
New Age Hippie
Allie for forwarding!), I decided it was time to get posting. The market need was evident. When I
Five Facts from a Guy {about recognizing when you’ve found the right person} #9
, in case you've missed the other Five Facts from a Guy Friday posts, read them here. {Allie & William cousin, Allie, last Friday :) I am so happy to call him her fiancé as I introduce him on my blog! He's
::reality check::
I was talking to Allie, as I was rushing home at 7:30 to be picked up for a date at 8. She said
on hurry, worry and loving the process
My cousin, Allie, was recently joking that in college, a typical weekend evening for me looked
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