::weekend snaps::
Coffee breaking with Dukie Friday afternoon. Farm Burger with Duke and Ryan. Just missing one Sam
weekend with the mule!
. See what I mean? Just a really great day. Saturday night, we went to Farm Burger in Decatur for
thank you.
highlights include: Dinner at Farm burger, the VaHi Fest and froyo (a Biber kind of Friday
where i want to live forever // atl spring break
volleyball game in Piedmont Park. And went to dinner at Farm Burger to celebrate Duke's day-of birthday
January Recap & February Goals
did an Escape Room, had Farm Burger and played games. It was the perfect way to wrap up 2016. We
atlanta bucket list, here we go...
Summerfest in the Highlands ✓ done Lunch at Mary Mac’s Tea Room ✓ done Go to Flip Burger, Farm Burger
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