For When You Feel Jealous
keep sneaking up. So, I told her: "I couldn't be more excited for you. But I am a tiny bit jealous , we can avoid being overcome with jealousy or nostalgia. After we'd parted ways, I ran into another was it? When we're feeling jealous, it is normally for one of three reasons: Someone else is getting and stress and let jealousy make us believe we don't have enough. I reminded myself that I am grateful For When You Feel Jealous jealousy
That Ugly Kind of Jealousy
basically like asking for an emotional meltdown. I've been there. I've felt jealousy that seeps into image via Kent State Letter Project Insta Have you ever felt all out jealous of someone else? The That Ugly Kind of Jealousy your outcome at all? It's the kind of jealousy that makes you feel like an icky person. Compound it with the fact that this degree of jealousy is almost always reserved for our loved ones and it's kind of jealousy where you can't even handle hearing about how great things are going for them? The
Five Ways to Overcome Comparison & Jealousy
her // How annoying that this is my first tip, right? I know! But! Comparison and jealousy shrivel in are tactics we can employ to ease our jealousy when we see other people having the success we think the presence of celebration and collaboration. Jealous of a friend's awesome article? Repost it a bridge to more easily walk across it. Five Ways to Overcome Comparison & Jealousy 1. Celebrate screen. Jealous of yet another baby announcement? Send a card. Don't be insincere or over the top (no Five Ways to Overcome Comparison & Jealousy jealousy
I Get Jealous (and here's what I do to cope!)
be so happy with my life that I never feel jealous. Or I would shame myself for feeling it, trying Want to know the ugly truth? Sometimes I feel super jealous. I want to be happy for someone when I Get Jealous (and here's what I do to cope!) feeling jealous, I find myself being critical. She's too skinny, I think as I wonder WTHeck she does Instagram - jealousy overcomes me. For a long time, I tried to fight it. I would say things like: I want to that this isn't productive. First of all, jealousy is normal. Super duper normal. And pushing it down jealousy
happiness is friday
Do you think all of the other days of the week get jealous because we love Friday so much? I do too
What is Your Criticism Telling You?
ask myself the hard question: am I really just jealous that she's doing the thing I said I'd do relationship dream or anything in between, if we take time to sit in our frustration - our jealousy style, but, because I was jealous of her. She'd made my dream happen. She did the thing I thought
Maintaining Friendships In a Changing Decade
letting jealousy win. You have enough, you do enough, you are enough. Don't let jealousy tell you otherwise. are divorces. Alongside babies are breakups. With joy for one, comes jealousy for another. After
My Hope for Wanting Less {on this Black Friday}
didn't feel jealous. I felt an overwhelming ease wash over me by the simplicity of our life and rounded the corner to my rental, just up the hill, and I felt jealous. I found myself dreaming of
10 friends every girl in her 20s needs
jealousy or competitiveness but simply because she makes the world a little brighter.
On Resolving Conflict Respectfully
feeling jealous of a friend and thought I'd share it with you! Here's how it works: Imagine it's Wednesday
Things I'm Afraid to Tell You
.   I sometimes feel jealous of other people who have businesses, blogs and social media feeds that are
my detox // back to the basics
, the constant comparison and the inevitable jealousy it makes me feel. When I'm in bed on a Friday
Let's Get Coffee
spaghetti-ish my brain really is. One day we're talking about ugly jealousy and throwing pity
Do You Feel Behind on Life?
pregnant with her fifth and final babe. I struggled with a little bit of jealousy, but, what I felt even
I totally rejected that 11&12-cabin-snack-boy.
ice cream social." And then he probably was either (a.) Feeling rejected or (b.) jealous we were
why i haven't been blogging
wasn't as worthy of living as the lives of other bloggers. I started to feel jealous of other
let life overflow
right now. But right now is really sweet. Are there hard days? Yes. Do I sometimes feel jealous of my
found myself jealous of my friends who are content with desk jobs. I wish I could be satisfied by
20 Something Entrepreneur: Isis Smalls
me and that His stage is big enough for all of us to shine. If I am really struggling with jealousy
Meet Erinn Bridgman! (+ a promo code)
jealous and competitive, I celebrate their successes and admire what they are doing. I might even reach
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