Is Barbie's classic dream home really the White House?

To me, our relationship makes perfect sense. You want me to propose to you, I propose to you. You say no, I say fine, I never wanna see you again. You drive me nuts telling me you want me to propose again, I do, you turn me down. Next thing I know I'm in a court of law where I've got to propose to you or go to jail. It's the classic American love story.” Cheers

The classic American love story. There is so much wrapped up in those five words. Is it when Cinderella meets Prince Charming? Is it when Barbie meets Ken? Is it when Harry meets Sally? Is it when Carrie meets Big or Aiden or Big or Petrovsky or Big?

Does it even exist?

Cinderella was rescued. Barbie found her dream house. Sally proved she was more than just a friend. Carrie realized that no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t get over Big.

The only thing classic about those four stories is that a pretty girl met a boy (well Carrie met multiple…).

Maybe the only necessary element of a classic love story is that love is involved.

During a time when a woman is campaigning to be president, homosexual relationships are commonplace and green is (apparently) the new black, who really knows what classic is anymore?

Or maybe classic never really existed. Maybe it was just something we all took comfort in. Some hope to live a classic life, with white picket fences and babies and beautiful husbands. Some hope to find that perfect classic black dress to go with those (oh-so) perfect classic pearls. And some aren’t sure what classic means really, but never again want to be told they have to go to class.

76 years ago, on this day, Amelia Earhart began her journey to become the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic. She challenged what women viewed as a classic lifestyle and began to make changes for women everywhere.

Maybe Amelia Earhart is a classic?

Maybe Amelia Earhart played with dolls and dreamed of finding Prince Charming and her white picket fence…and of flying from Newfoundland to France. Boy was she busy!

There might be more to being a classic than we have ever realized…or there might be far less.

Is it possible that to be a classic is simply a mindset? I think I might be an American classic. Is it all in the attitude?

One thing is certain: a real, live, true, American classic is Cheers. It also happened to end 15 years ago on this day. I don’t know what could possibly be more classic than a place where everybody knows your name and a show that managed to entertain 93 million viewers during the series finale.

Even though it's a classic, Cheers had to have its last call 15 years ago, Carrie and Big will have their last call in just ten short days, and Hillary Clinton might soon be having her last call.

I really just hope everyone involved can find the way back to their dream home with Ken (or Bill).