There is something to be said for Baby Einstein...

I think my sister's baby is actually a genius. Am I allowed to say that? Is it bragging even if she is not my baby?

Well, I might even be willing to brag about this- it's that impressive. You might want to brag about her, too, after you read this story. You can even pretend she is your sister's baby if it makes the storytelling better.

You see, Lily is just over one year old and she is ready to potty train. Impressive, right? The other night, at bedtime, Courtney (my sister) called me to explain that when Lily knew she had to go number two, she asked to go on the toilet.

That's pretty amazing for a baby that just turned one.

Courtney has also taught her sign language, all of her body parts, the sound nearly any animal makes and downward facing dog (Courtney really is into yoga). Most babies her age are just learning to talk and Lily is practically competing in oratory contests.

I will take a moment to admit one of Lily's weaker areas (this might make up for my bragging). She did have a hard time growing teeth. It took them a while to start. They're coming in now, though. Sometimes slow and steady wins the race, you know? We're not sharks; she has to be careful with those baby teeth!

I'm going home for Memorial Day and I expect big things from Lily. She and Courtney are picking me up from the airport and I won't be shocked if Lily is sipping Starbucks and driving.

Unfortunately, the idea of Lily-the-prodigy driving at age one might be a far-off dream in Indianapolis if people really start to pursue this idea of raising the driving age.

I wouldn't have wanted my mom and dad driving me to high school senior year (and don't even act like the bus is a real option, here). And I certainly wouldn't have wanted my mom and dad to have to drive me to college for the first two years.

I can see how 18 might be an option (though I remain steadfast in the 16 boat). However, 21 is a little far-fetched. We'll have to see if this really escalates into a debate, as predicted. All I know is that if it does turn into a real debate, I want Miss Lily the orator on my side.