Are you serious? I had no idea there was a bridge connecting New York City and Marrakech!

On a very hot day in May 2005, my friends Katie and Sara pulled into my driveway, windows down and music bumping. As I climbed onto the sticky leather seat of the red Blazer (RIP), Katie paused the song for only one second and said, “Whitney, this is our new favorite song.”

“OK,” I said, complying to her demand entirely.

“So, you need to learn the words so you can sing along with us,” Katie continued, as she started the song over.

“OK,” I said again, eager to hear my new favorite song.

Skepticism has never been my forte. I’ve been told (on numerous occasions) that skepticism is a sign of intelligence. With that in mind, I’ve often wished I could learn to be a little more skeptical in general.

To be completely honest, since I’m already admitting that I lack this blatant sign of intellect, I’ll admit that I could possibly be called gullible (though I don’t find it all that hard to believe that Tupac really did come back. Or that J.Crew wrote, “just kidding” underneath the tag of the high-priced necklace.)

In a way, though, maybe gullible people are what keep the world turning. Well, maybe not the entire world, but at least the fashion world.

For example, it took the right type of attitude to believe that shoulder pads really did look good.

But, some up-and-coming designer probably told some runway model that shoulder pads made her look skinny. And then, some compliant agents told some (gullible) actresses that shoulder pads would be all over the red carpet. And some bright-eyed fans watched as Brooke Shields and Michelle Pfeiffer strutted and smiled and shined in their shoulder pads, and they too went out and bought shoulder pads…and that is how the eighties happened.

All it takes is for a few outgoing people, albeit gullible ones, to believe in a few designers; and Voila! A trend is born.

Although my memories are fond of the time I spent in my zip-up-the-back, 10% denim, 90% spandex Pitaya jeans, I’m not quite ready to bring them out for round two. But, somehow, the majority (well, I think-I hope!- everyone was doing it…) of the girls at Zionsville Community High School found themselves embracing the same style.

You might find it hard to believe that when we paired these lovely jeans with a football player’s jersey on Friday, we actually found ourselves to be cooler. (In other words, our jeans, which we had to be poured into, except for the bottoms, with extremely large flares, were now being worn with an oversized, green, white, mesh and grass-stained top. But hey, Go Eagles! And then, Go Change!)

Maybe it was a little bit of gullibility that made us put on those clothes in the morning and smile at our stylin’ reflection. I can’t say I looked my best, but I can’t say I regret the choice I made.

And, over time, Yves Saint Laurent also may have had a few poor judgment calls. He may have had a few questionable items for sale and he may have had a few lawsuits for inappropriate ads or products. But, he was truly a legend and he changed the fashion world forever.

Yves Saint Laurent lived a good and stylish life; and has provided inspiration to both gullible and fashionable followers around the world.

The start of this week marks the end of Yves Saint Laurent’s life, and quite possibly the end of Hillary Clinton’s campaign. I personally find the former far more devastating than the latter; though I am trying to be sensitive to Hillary supporters (in case I ever meet one).

While it’s reassuring to know that he will be remembered and his styles will be cherished, it’s still a sad day in the fashion world.

A large part of me is hoping that Yves Saint Laurent and Tupac are hiding somewhere together, but for some reason, I think I should be skeptical about that one…