He takes Livestrong to a whole new level

"Well we had a good time, but time goes on. You didn't really want me until I was gone. I wanna get over you, before you get over me." Sheryl Crow, Over You

In general, whenever I tell someone I interned in L.A., the first thing they ask is, "Did you see any celebrities?"

I rattle off a short list, saving my favorite story, that Napoleon Dynamite was getting ice cream with his wife, for last. Even though Napoleon (I'm not even sure if he has a real name) has done virtually nothing since his breakout film, the story never fails.

What is it about celebrities? What is it about being famous? Why does it mesmerize us so?

You'd think we'd learn from Britney's Icarus-esque fall as she attempted to escape the paparazzi. Or maybe we'd even look deep into the reserves and take a lesson from Princess Diana.

And yet, we're all still hoping for our fifteen (or 45) minutes of fame.

I'm a big fan of questions. I'll admit, I've gotten myself into trouble for asking a few too many questions. Last summer, when Katie and I were doing long runs, she'd have to make a rule dictating the mile at which I could start speaking-usually around mile nine. 37 questions at 5.30 a.m. wasn't her favorite way to pass time during the runs. I can't blame her...

During my time as a professional-question-asker, I have found that if you ask someone what they'd like to be famous for, it's very rare that anyone says they'd prefer not to be famous at all.

Sure, sure, if I really sit down and think about it, it would be a hassle to have the paparazzi follow me and it would be annoying to be unable to run outside for a quick errand without being accosted. But at the same time, I sure would like to be the First Lady...

A small claim to fame I like to employ when I'm really trying to impress someone is that Sheryl Crow is my sister.

I know! Don't we look alike?

OK fine. She's not really my sister, but she is a fellow Theta.

So, essentially, Lance Armstrong was nearly my brother-in-law. He came to Christmas once when they were dating...(I wish!)
Lately, Lance has been making some waves (stirring up dust might be more biker-friendly, I guess). Some people seem to think that he has a little problem with duplicity.

I guess certain fans feel that his bachelor mentality doesn't mesh well with his do-gooder persona.

Just because he won the Tour seven (thousand) times doesn't mean he can't enjoy a brewski, does it? Just because he has sold over 70 million Livestrong bracelets for cancer-awareness doesn't mean he can't follow in the footsteps of Hugh Hefner, does it?

Or maybe it does.

Maybe it comes with the territory of being the poster-boy for beating cancer. Maybe in order to be the hero against cancer, he has to be a hero to everyone-not just other bachelors (sorry Hugh).

I personally find it impressive that he has been able to link himself to Sheryl (go Theta!), Ashley Olsen (and her abundant success at 22), Tory Burch (ah, the shoes!) and now Kate Hudson. They add a little glamor to his resume.

In my opinion, though, if he really wants to be a hero, he should make an appearance at the Little 500 next spring. I mean, Obama did it. Is he too good for Obama?

Maybe Obama just isn't really his type.