I like mine with lettuce and tomato...they like their's with cornichons, fleur de sel and fresh thyme?

After nine years of French classes I could say that I am fluent.

Yes, I could say I am fluent...but it would be a lie.

However, after all those years of French professors and speakers and films, I never had to step foot in Paris to understand the attitude of those Frenchies. To be honest, most people probably don't have to step foot in a French classroom to understand their take on Americans- it's common knowledge.

Their feelings towards us aren't necessarily those of love and they have a tendency to think they're somewhat superior.

Which is why I wasn't shocked when I discovered that although they're succumbing to the American way on a whole new level (with burgers!), they felt the need to make their burgers a little fancier, a little more gourmet. This is no Big Mac.

It is funny, though, that something the French once considered too greasy, unrefined and American, is now in high demand from Monaco to Brest.

It seems that although they might feel their government is better than ours and their lifestyles are healthier, maybe they shouldn't hate on loud American tourists quite so much.

I mean, the first time I saw Finding Nemo, it was in French. And I've been told that when you walk around Paris, 90% of the music is American...

So maybe, the French should send a little love our way. And if they're lucky, maybe we'll send a little love (and American culture) right back to them. Before we know it, they're going to be putting a Waffle House in the basement of the Louvre.