Every morning as I walk into work I pass a man standing on the corner. He's generally dressed in purple, is often dancing to his own music, and is incredibly friendly.

Each time I pass him, he extends some sort of a compliment towards me.

At the start of the summer, he would tell my I was beautiful or pretty, or something along those broad lines.

However, as he's become more comfortable with me, he's become more specific. He'll tell me I have nice legs or a great smile (he's a real confidence booster).

Yesterday, however was a very special day. As I passed him, he said, "Mmm, you have beautiful feet. I bet you make some boy so happy every night."

And on this particular day, I couldn't help it. I looked at him and with a smile, I said, "Thank you."

I think he earned the gratitude.

This is because the morning of June 30 was quite a struggle. I just couldn't seem to make my way out the door. I was running behind and felt particularly disheveled. He gave me that little lift I so desperately needed.

It is also convenient that he complimented my feet because my shoes happened to be MIA for a good portion of the morning.

I had just returned from Ashley's (beautiful and perfect) wedding and I'd forgotten that they were still in the front pocket of my suitcase. I had unpacked and put my suitcase up in the top of my closet. I truly thought I'd left them in Rosemary.

So, the fact that my shoes were of extra-importance to me, combined with the fact that I'd just gotten a pedicure, made his comment seem incredibly sincere. He really just made my day.

However, my shoe issues got me thinking. I really wish that I could have tracking devices on certain items. For example, my car keys.

Last Tuesday, when I arrived in Rosemary, I lost my car keys. Then, when I was driving back to Atlanta on Sunday morning, I left them in the bathroom stall. Then, Sunday evening at dinner, I left them at the register at Willy's. Now, what if I'd had a little tracking device on those puppies? I never would have had to look all over the house in Florida or go back into the gas station in Alabama.

I'm thinking the ideal tracking invention is just around the corner. The new Zoombak is about one step away from what I need.

I'd like to believe that if they do invent a device that tracks all of your possessions, I wouldn't invest in it, as it seems extremely materialistic.

However, the fact that I am still whining about my runaway Ray-Bans, which have been gone for over a week now, makes me think I might have wanted to track those things.

I left them on the table at the Flying Biscuit, which, being the detective that I am brings me to the conclusion that the waitress or next customer probably found them. And since the Flying Biscuit has not yet seen them, I am thinking whoever found those gems snagged them as his treasure. I can only hope their new home is a good one.

Can you imagine, though, if they did have a tracking device? Whoever discovered them would be walking around town, looking cool, singing finders keepers. Next thing he'd know, I'd sneak up behind him, dressed in black (obviously) and swoop in a snag the Ray-Bans back.

The thief would be so blinded by the sudden influx of sunlight he wouldn't even see what had happened. Before he could realize I'd been tracking the sunglasses all along, I'd be gone.

Until they invent this magical tracking device, though, I might just have to be a little more careful with my possessions. If I'm not, the man dressed in purple might be wearing my shoes before I know it.