Mr. and Mrs. Smith are just like you and me

I really didn't want to like her. I wanted to play for the other team. I cheered for the nice girl and I tried not to see what he saw in her. I tried to think of her as the inappropriate husband-stealing-mistress.

But, I've certainly failed. Because I like her. Can you blame me, though?

Angelina Jolie
is philanthropic, talented, confident and beautiful.

She and Brad Pitt are beautiful together and while their family is certainly not typical, it seems to work.

As I was reading Vanity Fair's recent article about Jolie, I was impressed. So many other couples, from Hollywood to Dollywood and everywhere in between, aim for the archetypal family.

But Pitt and Jolie aren't masquerading as a normal family. They admit that they're doing it differently. From the beginning of their relationship, it's been unconventional.

They began on a movie set while Pitt was married to Aniston. They pushed through criticism and Team Jennifer shirts. They adopted kids, had their own babies, and never once uttered the words "let's get married."

And it works. It's not normal. It's not typical. And yet, they make it look so good.

What's funny is that they've recently been compared to the Brady Bunch, now that they have six kids.

This is humorous because the Brady's, although brought together under uncommon circumstances, quickly became the average American family.

They represented the typical American problems in a time when divorce was looked down upon and spoken of in hushed tones.

And now, we hardly think twice about divorce.

Are Brad and Angelina forging a trail for a new type lifestyle? Today, although their circumstances are unusual, they represent the love of a normal family. (No, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are not common people. But let's be honest, Marcia wasn't normal either, she was perfect.)

Maybe eventually we won't think twice about unwed couples outside of Hollywood having numerous kids. Maybe shotgun wedding will be an obsolete term. Why would you have a shotgun wedding when no one is ashamed of having kids outside of marriage? Why not wait until you have your body back post-pregnancy for those wedding photos to be taken? Why not do what you want?

We all know Angelina does what she wants.