After a bittersweet departure from Atlanta on Saturday, I was quickly rewarded with a wonderful surprise on Sunday.

Jim made the journey from Georgia to Indiana to come visit Zionsville without telling me.

It was such a great and unexpected treat to be able to show him all around town and for him to meet my friends and family.

After he left, I couldn't help but become skeptical about those strange people who say they hate surprises.

I admit that I don't love it when someone thinks they are surprising me but I have actually already discovered the event. Because then I stress over how I should act when they unveil the "surprise" and I get all worried I won't seem grateful(/excited/surprised) enough.

However, a real live surprise is so wonderful.

Although it wasn't the same as Jim's arrival, I was also surprised to learn about Gap's third attempt to revitalize their stores this fall with designer Patrick Robinson.

I knew something was happening at Gap when the cast of Gossip Girl was recruited for a Christmas ad campaign in 2007. However, I didn't really see much of a change until I saw their new line this fall.While Gap is known for having strength in staples, I will be interested to see if Robinson will be to them what Lyons was to JCrew. (Think: Jenna Lyons made JCrew cool again, Patrick Robinson brought Gap out of the red...almost as catchy.)

With the right determination, I think it can be done. I mean, I'm not one for khaki, really, but I have found a slew of cute dresses there in my day. But don't tell anyone I shop there; it's not that cool yet.