Are you prepared for a world with Britney in it again?

Yesterday, after I got out of the shower, I turned on the TV to watch Today Show. However, as I descended the channels in search of Matt Lauer, I came across Saved By the Bell. For a few minutes I was captivated by Zack Morris (though I was personally an A.C. Slater fan) and couldn't quite bring myself to continue on to the Today Show.

Once I finally said goodbye to the nineties, though, and forced myself back to reality, I was equally as captivated by (what we all thought was) a thing of the past: Britney Spears.

Lynne Spears is releasing a book about being the mother to both Britney and Jamie Lynn. As I was watching her, I realized that Britney and Lynne might actually be a lot smarter than we've ever realized.

So, Britney went a little crazy...but we never stopped watching her. Those who loved her (myself obviously included) followed her with bated breath, hoping- praying- she could make her come back. Those who hated her watched her every move, ret to criticize. And those who didn't really care were forced to watch her too, because if everyone in the media is watching her, you've got two options: 1) watch or 2) fast from all sources of the media.
And now, after she's had time to recover, she's back. She made quite a splash as the host of the VMAs, and the very next morning, the Today Show revealed that Lynne is releasing a book next week.

This is clearly not a coincidence.

Everything is poised for Britney's come back: She waited until the excitement of Jamie Lynn's baby had fizzled (there can really only be one Spears girl in the spotlight at a time). She made a dazzling appearance at the VMAs. And Lynne is releasing her book (they're even appealing to the intellectuals).

Now, the only remaining question is, can she do it? As far as I can tell, if there is anyone who could, it's Brit. It's just a matter of whether or not she'll be accepted. Will the world give Britney another chance?

I know I will.