In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue...

"Celebrate we will cause life is short but sweet for certain." DMB

You've got to think that Amerigo Vespucci wonders why he got the short end of the stick.

I mean, sure the Americas were named (almost) after him, but if you ask any kid what elementary school taught them about the New World being discovered, the only name you'll hear is Christopher Columbus.

Sure, Columbus was the first person to discover that the land of America existed, but he thought it was an extension of Asia. He didn't even know he discovered a new continent. It took Vespucci's exploration to determine that the land was, in fact, unclaimed territory.

I like to think they were more like a team. Maybe the day should be Vespumbus Day? Or Columpucci Day?

If Columbus were still around, he might argue that Vespucci got the continents (again, almost) and he got the holiday, but you've got to think that Vespucci is a little mad about the issues with translation (America vs. Amerigo? That's like Whitney vs. Britney, a whole different person!)

However, whether it's called Vespucci Day or Columbus Day, IU apparently does not deem it a reason to celebrate. While a number of schools gave the day off as part of fall break and others just took a four day week in honor of our boy, in Bloomington, we attended classes.

Luckily, we took it upon ourselves to celebrate Columbus in our own way, with Dad's Weekend.

It was a spectacular weekend, full of tailgating, Kilroys, an auction at Bloomington Country Club, Sink the Biz at Nick's, and much more.

While I'm so sad that our Senior Dad's Weekend is over, I'm grateful that my dad had the opportunity to bond with so many other amazing fathers. Of course, I'm even more grateful that he had the opportunity to spend the weekend with me.

Unfortunately, IU didn't manage to beat Iowa in the football game. Luckily, though, a little football loss never keeps the Hoosiers from celebrating. After seeing the dads rally for an impressive game of flip cup, I can't help but wonder if the saying should be like father like daughter...