Even Disney dreams

"I won't grow up! I don't want to wear a tie! And a serious expression, in the middle of July! And if it means I must prepare to shoulder burdens with a worried air- I'll never grow up, never grow up, never grow up..." Peter Pan

For a good majority of Sam's youth he was certain he was going to be a doggy mailman when he grew up.

I mean, he liked dogs. He liked getting mail. He liked talking
to people. It all made sense.

As I continue my job search, I almost wish I, too, could just be a doggy mailman.

Well, that's a lie.

But, I do wish that life was so simple that I could say, confidently, exactly what I wanted to be, and no one could challenge me or tell me that the job didn't actually exist.

The more time I spend looking for jobs, the more I understand why so many people guiltily yearn for their youth. When things were so easy and so simple...

And with recent developments, I'm not feeling so guilty for dreaming
of a simpler time.

A number of celebrities are opting to take on character roles in cartoons. Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa boasts Ben Stiller, Chris Rock, David Schwimmer, Jada Pinkett Smith and John Wayne, to name a few.

You really can't blame them for it. I mean, imagine playing a dark and distburbing role for twelve hours a day. After wrapping, you have to go home to your family, and act completely undisturbed and unbothered by the terrifying scenes (I guess it's a horror film...).

...or, you could play Alex the lion in Madagascar. It's not really a toss up.

While the cartoon character craze may not be a new trend, when combined with Disney's new couture line, playing up our youth is becoming overwhelmingly popular.

Between high fashion, luxury furniture and wedding dresses (move over Vera), Disney has launched a new lifestyle brand.

While some of the pieces are a bit excessive, such as the Mickey Mouse pumps (I question why they didn't do Minnie Mouse pumps, personally), other pieces show very little sign of Disney (i.e. the wedding dresses).
While Disney sees the limitations of their label, they're attempting to keep up with Dolce & Gabbana and Vivienne Tam. Being the empire that they are, I'd imagine that if Disney's believes it, they really will acheive it. Whether or not they're currently seen on the shelves next to Michael Kors, I'm confident that given enough time, Disney will be right there with Dior and Dolce.

I'm already waiting for the day when Angelina Jolie tells E! that she's wearing Disney Couture.