I really put my tennies in my mouth (but at least I wasn't wearing jeans!)

Exactly one year ago, I was visiting Brandon in Italy. It would be safe to say that I didn't arrive in Italy adequately prepared for the weather. You see, Brandon told me that the weather in Italy in November was equivalent to the weather in Indiana in November.

Well, last year, November was unusually warm (which Brandon obviously did not know). So, after enjoying a fifty-degree-weather-filled-month, I packed sweaters and flats- no Uggs, no moccasins, no heavy coats...

Had I arrived in Italy with this suitcase, I would have been cold.

However, I arrived in Italy without my suitcase, as the airline lost it. So, the one coat I did have was lost for 2/3 of the trip.

With my luggage I was unprepared. Without it, I was freezing.

One afternoon, we were standing in line in Venice, attempting to watch a Venetian glass blowing show. We'd befriended the two Americans in front of us during the long wait. Soon after, I started whining about how freezing my feet were in my flats. Brandon told me I should have worn my tennis shoes. I told him that I hated it when women wear tennies with jeans (running shoes are for running). He kicked me and nodded toward the women in front of us.

Both of them were wearing jeans and runners. They had also clearly heard us. I was beyond embarrassed, and of course made an awkward attempt to revise the statement, explaining that I hate it on me but not really on other people.

I was pretty much out of luck.

Well, today, just one year later, I found myself shopping for a new pair of kicks. They didn't have the right size of the pair that I really wanted, so I decided to try on the second option.

Having bought quite a few pairs of running shoes over the course of my life, I've basically come to terms with the fact that it's not always the cutest pair that are best for your feet. And while I understood this in high school, when I was running track and cross country, I really wanted to disregard this advice today. I mean, sure, I still value my feet, but if they're not the absolute best pair for my feet, it's not like I'm letting a whole team down. Besides, if the shoes are cuter, I will feel better about myself when I'm running, thus enhancing my positive attitude, which would lead to better runs, right?

Regardless, the cute ones were too big. So, I said to my dad and Duke that I liked how the second pair felt, but I didn't like how the toe of the shoe looked. Then, the employee, Bobby (I made his name up) said, "Well, the only time you wear these shoes will be with jeans, and they'll probably cover the toe anyway."

Now, I wanted to say, "Bobby, what kind of girl's jeans come all the way over the toe of her shoes? And, Bobby dear, I am absolutely opposed to jeans and tennis shoes!"

...but I obviously didn't say that. (However, I did feel momentarily concerned for any girlfriend Bobby might be shopping for.) Instead of being rude, I just chose to put my boots back on and show Bobby, through my actions, that I'm not really the jeans and tennies type of girl.

Coincidentally, I bought those boots (the learning tool) one year ago in Italy. You see, I had to, because my feet were cold.

It really all comes full circle.