give, live, love.

My friend Emily told me that when she was in preschool, she and her best friend Olivia despised two girls. The first was another girl named Olivia, obviously because her name was Olivia. The second was a girl who hated orange juice. Orange juice was Emily's favorite drink and she just didn't connect with the "just water" girl.

Recently, Emily ran into Just Water and apologized for disliking her in preschool. I've decided that Emily's apology is the perfect way to kick start this winter break. Not necessarily by apologizing to those we may have wronged in preschool (though I am sorry, Allie, that Becca and I gave you toilet paper to use for the Babysitter's Club Dolls and took all of the cute clothes) but just by rectifying the things in our life that might not be quite right.

Maybe you can give a few extra dollars to someone on the street. Or volunteer to help your mom in the kitchen. Or even send a holiday card to someone you've had a disagreement with recently. Why not just spread a little extra joy?

If you're not quite ready to confront the person, maybe you could do it anonymously, and someday, when the time is right, claim the good deed.

If I could (or had somehow wronged the people of Detroit), I might try to help out the automakers. Unfortunately, I don't really have this capability. Fortunately, though, I've not yet done anything to harm those dear automakers. We'll just have to hope that someone from above helps them out (Congress, God, Santa...anyone!).

Regardless of whether or not anyone bestows kindness upon Ford (Henry, not Tom, he doesn't need help) I'm willing to do my part to make the world a little bit better. I gave an extra dollar to St. Jude's today; next time I'll give five! Or maybe I will forgive someone for hurting my feelings or causing me pain. I might even send them a holiday card! Why not just spread love as much as possible? I mean, if Emily can forgive Just Water for hating OJ, I think I can forgive someone for a few harsh words and send a little extra love their way.