I would have done without the jewels.

As I watched the temperature rise from -10 to -5 over the course of the entire day, I decided I couldn't stick around to see what would happen over the weekend. The freezing temperatures and even more painful wind chills drove me south of the Mason-Dixon.

It was quite a relaxing weekend, made perfect by an hour long run on Sunday. The run was so perfect because it was a 53 degree (and sunny!) Atlanta afternoon. I think the post-running high left me a little jaded, though, as I suggested we go for a walk after dinner. However, once we stepped out of the restaurant, I realized that 53 and sunny was perfect for a run, but rather chilly for a postprandial walk (especially once 53 and sunny turned to 43 and dark). But, there is no doubt that even 43 degrees felt warm compared to the negatives. Apparently though, this record-breaking trend of cold temps is not exclusive to Indiana, as today marked one of the coldest inaugurations in history.

And this excruciatingly cold weather means: layers.

I was surprised to find, though, that Michelle Obama not only forgot her scarf, but donned what appeared to be a thin coat. When the Obama family first exited the Blair House this morning, I waited with bated breath not to see Barack (side note, though, congratulations to Mr. President. His speech was everything I hoped for- and more in some ways), but instead to see what the soon to be First Lady was wearing.

However, when she emerged in her Isabel Toledo outfit, I felt disappointed. Throughout the campaign, she has attempted to channel Jackie O (I can't blame her). Her shifts and pearls have been almost identical to what Jackie wore during her one thousand days as First Lady (thank you, Oleg Cassini). As Michelle campaigned, I often wondered why she didn't just have her own style, as opposed to imitating Jackie. Sometimes I felt frustrated that she, as a potential future First Lady, didn't want to pave her own way. However, I decided that if I were going to be in the White House, I'd want to do it just like Jackie too. Therefore, I was eager to see what she'd wear today- if she'd get it just Jackie right.

Michelle's yellow outfit drew parallels to Jackie's inaugural attire, however, the jewels seemed a little overdone. I wondered if Michelle (who, as of last night, hadn't picked out her outfit) thought she'd try to begin the presidency by incorporating her own style into Jackie's. I'm sad to say, though, that Jackie's simple and elegant style should be left untouched. You either do it, or you don't. It's not really up for interpretation.

But, seeing as Sasha and Malia looked fabulous, I can forgive Michelle for one wrong outfit. I mean, Barack stumbled as he took his oath, she stumbled as she chose her outfit- it just proves that they're human. It just proves that no matter how perfect they seem, the Obamas are just like you and me. And regardless of having too many jewels on her shift, the err in judgment makes me like her a little more.