Generation-Y Not?

"So much time, and so little to do! Strike that, reverse it." Willy Wonka

While I've come to this conclusion many times, it's never been more evident than now.

It is almost impossible for me to sit still.

I began to learn this early on, when I couldn't just sit and watch a movie. Or, when I would be in class and I had to be working on something else, making a to-do list, or making my friends signs (you know, middle school) while the teacher was speaking. My hands had to be busy.

But, after last night, it became evident that this afflicted not only me, but my friends as well.

While we were watching "Made of Honor" I looked around and noticed:

Allyson was doing homework
Megan was watching "Gossip Girl" on her headphones (while still watching the movie, mind you)
Jordan and Jamie were online shopping
And Mandy was looking for an apartment for next year, while also looking for a puppy, while simultaneously looking for an apartment that allowed puppies...

...and of course, we were all texting the entire time as well.

Apparently, none of us can simply watch a movie. We have to be doing something else.

And it's not just us, it's all of Generation Y. We're addicted to being busy, a desire we generally fulfill through electronics.

Right now, 15- to 24-year-olds use, on average 5.5 electronics at all times (think: checking email, TV on, talking on the phone while texting, music on...), whereas those older than 40 generally max out at 1.7 electronics.We have grown up with so many outlets through which we can busy ourselves, that we've now mastered the ability to use them all at once. Why would I simply sit in class when I could, instead, text my friends, check my email, work on another assignment, apply for a job and still listen to the professor?

There are so many obligations in a single day, while still being expected to keep a steady social life, get eight hours of sleep, exercise, make healthy meals and maintain good hygiene...I can't waste time doing nothing in class (especially if we've all mastered the ability to successfully multitask and retain the wealth of knowledge that professors bestow upon us).

Woe is us, right?

Well, maybe not.

While there may be an excessive amount of pressure on our generation to accomplish a large number of tasks in a single day, it is apparent we have the resources to do so. Sure, a lot is expected of us, but at the same time, we have the ability to do almost anything on our phones, which fit in our pockets.

So, maybe a lot is expected of Generation-Y'ers, but a lot has been given to us too. All of our senses are maxed out the majority of the day, which can be exhausting, but that just allows us to fall asleep a little faster at night. And that, my friend, allows us to get those eight hours of sleep.