times are tough: let's get healthy

I have a friend Laura and a friend Katie.

Katie used to keep a large container of gummy bears in her room (Costco style).

Everyday, unbeknown to Katie, Laura stole a handful of gummies. One day, Katie realized they were nearly gone.

Katie, a little surprised, said, "Laura! Someone ate all my vitamins."

Turns out, Laura had been pounding Katie's gummy bear vitamins.

While this all occurred before the stock market dropped, Laura was evidently just preparing for the recession.

Mike Duke, the CEO of Walmart recently reported an increase in vitamin sales. Apparently, when people are low on cash, they invest in vitamins.

Those who have lost their jobs (and health insurance) and cannot afford trips to the doctor are relying on vitamins to keep them healthy.

And, although it's not as wallet-friendly as vitamins, studies show that owning a dog also has health benefits.

I doubt this is why President Obama agreed to get a puppy (I think it was really because Sasha and Malia begged) but maybe Bo will help him stay healthy during his time in office.

Obama, the devoted fitness guru (especially since he reported he quit smoking) probably already takes his vitamins.

But, there's nothing wrong with being extra-healthy. I mean, I'd imagine he has a little more stress than the average person, with the fate of America on his shoulders and all. So, a few extra precautions shouldn't hurt.