retro-chic trumps recession-chic

Look left, see: maxi dresses, flowing white tops, and naturally wavy hair. Deduce: Hippie chic is back.
Look right, see: Pink minis, neon-yellow matchstick jeans, and the shortest of short bright green daisy dukes. Deduce: The '80s are back, 2k9 style.
And with the ruffles on our shirts too (think super '70s), it's evident we're doing just about anything to get back to the good old days.

Really, it makes sense. We entered the '80s during a terrible recession, but had recovered completely by 1983. Afterward, the economy grew for one of the longest periods in the postwar era.

Maybe if we aim to dress like we're in the '80s (or even in a carefree hippie-style) we'll be inspired to shop like we're in the '80s, thus forgetting our economic woes, and stimulating the economy.

The '80s were known for obnoxious styles (the bigger, the brighter, the tighter, the better), but I know when I throw on something bright, I can't help but feel good about myself. And when I feel so good, I can't help but pull out my credit card...

...and the next thing I know, I'm walking around town in a bright pink mini with a neon bow in my hair (well, I'm still a little too preppy to go full-on Cyndi Lauper, but it happens like this, nonetheless).

So maybe Obama should throw on something 80s-chic and the economy will be back on track before we know it. I can see him in a jean jacket and Ocean Pacific tee shirt.

Somehow, though, after all that drama with his Blackberry this winter, I doubt he's going to revert back to a Zack Morris style cell phone.