Coca-Cola Classic. Yes Please!

(A) Cable : Bridge
(B) Cast : Injury
(C) Fort : Army
(D) Dam : River
(E) Pacemaker : Heart

An English major I may have been, but an analogy-guru I am not. This was the portion of the SAT that made my heart race and my pencil begin to tap on the desk. My downfall is that I rationalize everything. A fort can cover an army just like a bandage covers blood, right? Or does the bandage regulate the blood like the pacemaker regulates the heart? I can override any form of rationale with a little reasoning.


Bear with me (now that you're aware of my analogy skills).

This weekend I decided to do a little shopping, as I was in search of a new outfit. After buying a skirt from BCBG that fulfilled 80% of my skirt and shirt budget, I started feeling some remorse.

The problem was that the skirt was on sale and sale items cannot be placed on hold at BCBG (only one left, too!). However, sale items are also final sale.

When I discovered this, while simultaneously realizing I didn't have a shirt that was stellar enough to go with such a stunning skirt, I decided I needed to put it down and walk away. If, in fact, I could find a shirt to go with it, while still remaining within my budget, I could return.

As I walked out of the store feeling both frugal and proud of myself, in walked another girl, who appeared to be my size. Fear overcame my frugality and I pivoted and waltzed back to the skirt. Without thinking, I bought it, ignored the sales girl's warnings that items on sale cannot be returned and walked out smiling.

Three steps outside of BCBG I began to wonder what, exactly, I was thinking.

And that's the feeling I'm talking about. The feeling of splurging when you shouldn't have. Shoppers remorse. It's the exact opposite of the feeling you get when you're frugal (aka you're proud of yourself).

And that remorse, when you're uncomfortable and upset, is exactly how I feel about Coke's new fizzy milk. The thought of it makes me uncomfortable and upset, which is the exact opposite of how Coke traditionally makes me feel. I'm normally proud of Coke. I consider myself lucky to be a Diet Coke lover (boo Pepsi!). But now, I just feel like I wish I could return the fizzy milk for a full refund. What was Coke thinking?

I'll admit I haven't tried it, but since I don't like milk to begin with, I don't think it would be worth the effort.

While my analogy wasn't particularly successful, I think my point is still clear. Fizzy coke is not worth the splurge. However, I did end up finding a shirt to go with the skirt, thus my remorse has subsided. But let's be honest, it normally does...

PS: It's (D) Dam : River.