Look out for fall fashion week.

I miss New York. I still love how people talk to you on the street - just assault you and tell you what they think of your jacket.” Madonna

The bathroom in the apartment I'm subletting is set up with the toilet right next to the shower.

This is very convenient when:
1. I want to start warming up the shower while I'm still using the toilet
2. I want to paint my toenails- it's easy to sit on the toilet and perch my toes over the edge. Spill free!
3. I have the flu but really want to shower- the toilet is near (this, of course, has never happened. I hope to keep it that way).

It's also very convenient when I want to check for criminals. I am confident that my set up is ideal for bad-guy investigating becau
se I do it every night before bed. 

When I go to use the toilet right before I fall asleep, for just a moment I hold my breath, wrap my fingers lightly around the edge of the curtain, and peak very carefully into the shower. After I have seen the shower is free of criminals, I let out my breath and sleep peacefully.

What I would do if I were to find a killer in my shower, waiting for me to peak, I'm not entirely sure. It would make for an interesting moment: me sitting on the toilet making my discovery, the criminal waiting for me to get in bed so he can take all my Q-tips and run.

But this is has never been a problem because I'm yet to find him in my shower. And after I see the emptiness, I'm able to rest easy.

I liken it to the same feeling my parents have knowing that all of their children are safely tucked away in bed and the alarm is armed. Of course, we discovered a few years ago that the alarm we'd relied on for eight(ish) years wasn't connected. But, just as I don't have a plan, the pseudo alarm kept them feeling safe (it's armed now, in case any bad guys are reading this...).

Knowing there isn't anyone in my closet is like having a security blanket or someone's hand to hold. It's something I can count on when I get scared in the middle of the night- I know I'm safe.  
And just as I can count on this safety every night, so New York can count on being the fashion capital of the world.  But, for the first time in five years, the fair city was knocked to number two, losing to Milan.  

Critics chalk it up to the recession- it ruined NYC's ability to have glitzy parties and throw around haute couture. 

Now, I've been to Milan, and while I wasn't invited to their fashion bashes (per se) I was able to fall in love with their style, their shopping (amazing!), the way the models hop on the the subway and act oblivious to the fact that their adorable hats nearly brush the ceiling of the car. 

And Milan does have a leg up on NYC as it's home to the world's first mall, but I know NYC will bounce back. 

The recession will end, the parties will resume, the Dom Pérignon will flow, and the diamonds will sparkle.  And just as my shower stays empty at night, New York will soon be back on top. I just know it.