is orange the new pink?

I am a purger.

I don't save my notebooks at the end of the school year. I don't hang notes from my friends on my walls. I don't keep old ticket stubs. I once removed almost all of the furniture out of my room (my mom made me put it back).

While I (and my friends) sometimes wish I could muster up a little love for the packrat, it's just not in me.

If I come across something special and begin to reminisce for a moment, such feeling is immediately overridden by the feeling of an empty drawer. Ah, simplicty. Bliss. Less is just so much more.

The feeling of an organized closet...

The feeling of a rearranged room...

The feeling of freshly painted walls...


I liken it to the feeling Kate Spade probably gets from her new Web site design. It's completely different. A clean start.


While I was a little shocked to see the orange background, I like the change. I can't help but wonder if the orange will change as fall fades (light blue for winter?). Maybe after years of sticking to the simple green and white Kate is ready to change it up every few months.