dresses off the shoulder, kanye off [his] rocker

They say a balanced and symmetrical life (zen, if you will) is the key to happiness. Maybe so. This same balance has also been proven the key to being perceived as beautiful.

Brad Pitt is so attractive because his face is perfectly proportioned (his face is zen).

Both the symmetrical face theory and Brad Pitt have been around for quite some time. Because of this, I'm shocked to find stylists still pushing the one-shoulder dress. Stars were decked out in single-shoulder frocks at Fashion Week and the VMA's last night.

Sure, Victoria Beckham looked great in her dress, but she looks great in anything. Imagine if her dress (most likely like her face) had been symmetrical.

Taylor Swift looked stunning in her gold dress, but it would have been even more breathtaking if her dress had been symmetrical.

However, for Swift I'm sure the even more breathtaking part of the evening was when Kanye decided to steal her moment by running onto stage and announcing Beyonce's video was better, essentially.

Of course, Taylor recovered gracefully when Beyonce gave her the moment back, proving the only person un-VMA worthy was Kanye himself.