Whoah! Why isn't the bed made?

After spending a week with the Smiths in Virginia, I was reminded that there are certain things only a two-year-old can pull off. For example, if I ever had to use the bathroom, Lily requested that she could come into the room and sit with my while I used the toilet. She also pointed to the man standing (directly) behind us in the grocery store and said (loudly), "Why is he wearing a pony tail?" Additionally, one morning just after I woke up, she walked into my room and said, "Whoah! Why isn't the bed made?"

If I were to make these moves at my age, it would be highly inappropriate. When Lily does it though, it is wonderfully endearing.

She also maintains an ability to make me laugh wholeheartedly, or as my mom would say, all the way from my toes. One morning I was alone with her and I let her pick out her outfit for the day. She ended up wearing a bright pink sundress, with a different shade of pink cardigan, a different shade of pink hair bow, and finally, another shade of pink moccasins. All pink, all different shades.

And she, of course, looked adorable. She put fashion week and fall trends to shame as she strutted her (new) pink mocs around. As I watched her work it, so proud of the outfit she picked out, it made me wish she could maintain this same certainty forever.

I wish she would always think she looked amazing. I wish she'd never think she was having a bad hair day or worry about whether or not something was flattering.

But of course, her confidence comes from a blissful youth and unawareness that she can't ever completely maintain. However, if there's any girl in this world that stands a chance of successfully working an all pink outfit, Lily will be the one to do it. When I left at 8 a.m. Thursday morning, she'd already asked Court if she could put the sweater back on (over her pink night gown).

Luckily, monochromatic is supposed to be hot this season...