I only watch it because my little sister really likes it

"When my mom applied to college, she put being popular as her main extracurricular activity," Quinn Fabray, Glee

I've noticed lately that whenver I overhear people talking about the fact that they're addicted to Glee, they feel the need to give a reason why.

"I was in show choir in high school, so I can relate."

"I used to do musicals, so it's totally my thing."

And so on...

Although I can't claim a musical background and I really don't feel as if I need to rationalize my love for the show, I do have a disclaimer of my own. I love Glee because of Emma Pillsbury's clothing. Seeing what she'll wear is the best part of the show.

She successfully pulls off the preppy meets vintage look and proves that simple, bright colors are perfect for fall. She's also the master of monochromatic.
Almost everything she wears is from J.Crew- even her wedding gown. As a high school guidance counselor living in a recession, it would be inappropriate to walk around in couture.

And other frugal fashionistas are right by Emma's side in the J.Crew checkout line. Michelle Obama continues to rock the brand.

And what Obama and Pillsbury both prove through their preppy style is the power of publicity.

On Wednesday, October 21, the First Lady was spotted in the Deco shirred skirt from J.Crew while speaking at the Department of Veteran Affairs.

Wednesday evening, a new Glee appeared, with Emma clad in J.Crew attire.

Thursday, October 22, it was reported that J.Crew's sales soared and earnings were much higher than expected.

Apparently Jenna Lyons was watching Glee and realized things were looking good for J.Crew. I'm sure Lyons has a great excuse as to why she watches. Maybe super chic Lyons was a show choir nerd?