So long scrubs

"Rafe: You are so beautiful it hurts.
Evelyn: It's your nose that hurts.
Rafe: I think it's my heart." Pearl Harbor
Growing up I often struggled with history. I didn't care about wars and my lack of spatial reasoning made it impossible for me to grasp geography (you say Uzbekistan is where now?).

As far as I was concerned, they were teaching the wrongs things about history.

Who cares what Thomas Jefferson did while he was president? Show me pictures of Monticello. In sixth grade I remember thinking: when I build my own house, I'm going to make my bed just like his (it was built in to the wall!).

And I certainly wasn't concerned with what happened at the Bay of Pigs. I just wanted to know more about what Jackie was wearing on the campaign trail.

And Pearl Harbor? The battles didn't interest me; I wanted to learn about the sweet relationships between the wounded men and the nurses who cared for them.

I always pictured a nurse running to help a soldier in her little red and white uniform, curled hair bouncing as she hurried. And when she'd get to his side, they'd lock eyes, and for just a moment, he'd forget his pain. He'd be healed by her love alone.

But just in case he still needed a little medicine to help heal his wounds, she'd have a handy first aid kit full of solutions. Seeing as a nurse's first aid kit is essentially her purse, I always pictured a cute little box that matched her outfit.

Louis Vuitton's new Boîte Spéciale Croix-Rouge (aka Red Cross Kit) is just what I had in mind. It's durable, organized, and stylish. It's the perfect accessory to use while saving a life and falling in love.