Blake Lively has a cold

In 1966 Gay Talese revitalized magazine writing with "Frank Sinatra Has a Cold" for Esquire. The piece was imaginative, metaphorical, and read like a story. Today writers still attempt to imitate Talese.

This month, Esquire is at it again. Check out the piece on Blake Lively. There's something so playful, and yet so heavy. It's seductive while remaining innocent. It's indescribable. It's Lively.

Check out the exerpt below, but be sure to read the rest at Esquire.

She's so into it, really trying to make this pie great. She tinkers endlessly — a pinch of the special salt she buys online, some more cinnamon, a fingerful of flour. (She has long fingers.) She talks while she tinkers. Sometimes it looks like she's talking to the apples, but usually she stops cooking when she's making a point, then returns to seasoning her fruit.

She's talking about career choices, which you'd think would seem monumental to her at this point.

"I surround myself with people I trust, but ultimately it's my gut. That's what I trust. Because I could be swayed any which way — I'm not saying I'm a person who can be swayed easily, but one can be swayed any which way. People will talk to me and something that I'm against at first will then seem like a good idea, but I always end up saying no to that thing, because-"

She jams a few fingers into the hot apples and licks them.