Me and Katie

My parents are real sticklers when it comes to grammar. Although my mom is the teacher, I'd wager that my dad takes the matter more seriously.

Growing up*, if we were telling a story and we used improper grammar, he'd stop us and say, "Me and Katie?" And you weren't allowed to finish the story until you fixed it. "Katie and I."

As much as it derails your train of thought and oftentimes ruins the story, lately I've become more grateful for his devotion to grammar.

I've come across quite a few people recently that love: "Me and her" and "It went good". And let me tell you, whether it be a Starbucks employee, customer service rep, or random person on the street, it takes everything I have not to correct them.

I suddenly understand why my dad couldn't sit back and let those mistakes slide by.

You've got to know how to say it right.

Saying it right doesn't just mean when you speak, either. It's the writing, emailing and now, even wine bottling. With the new Toast-Its, you never have to stop expressing yourself.

The bottles are adorable and fun; the perfect hostess gift. But if you were to walk in with the "Better With Age" bottle, and instead of "Just like good wine, good friends get better with age" it said, "Just like well wine, well friends get gooder with age", it just wouldn't be quite the same.
*Note: I use the past reference to growing up loosely, meaning I was still growing up when this happened last week.