A devoted scholar for life...

Yesterday I was trying to tell Jim, via text, about a friend of ours that dyed her hair. However, in my haste to tell him, I accidentally said she "died" it, and preceded it with an "OMG". Before Jim could read the entire text he saw that OMG she died...

How did it happen? He thought. He began reading the rest of the text, looking for something tragic, something sad.

He was relieved to find "her hair" instead.

It made me think of a conversation I had after my freshman year of college. I'd just returned from interning in Los Angeles and was meeting an old friend. It was clear we'd grown apart during our first year at school and I was attempting to ask her what she'd become interested in during the course of the year.

She said, "Well, I've gotten really into anthropology."
"Oh my gosh! Me too!" I said, excited to finally have something to really talk about.
"Really?" She said, equally shocked and relieved.
"Yes! Their clothes are so cute!" I exclaimed.
"What?" she said, confused.
"What?" I said. Thinking maybe she preferred their jewelry or home decor. "Ohh..." Then it clicked.

She likes studying anthropology. I like shopping at Anthropologie.

It was definitely more embarrassing for me than her...

Of course, she'd spent the year at a liberal school, redefining herself, changing her name, and studying brand new things.

Although I also went to school, I'd spent the last month interning for Los Angeles magazine, redefining my style, changing my major, and studying new brands.

I can't say the mistake wasn't clearly on my part, but you can see how it would happen. Maybe.

Undoubtedly, it's a lesson in how much much people can change. She and I once had so much to talk about and suddenly, after embarking on such different journeys, we couldn't even dodge a few homophomes.

It certainly makes me think about the importance of my surroundings. The things we do every day become habits. The people we are around begin to influence our decisions and change the way we think. Whether you like their style, agree with their opinions, or just have a tiny girl crush, you begin to emulate them.

It also makes me realize how important it is that we're confident in ourselves. No one likes a chamelion and while you can wear as many hats as you'd like, you have to remain true at the core. Had my friend told me she just "LOVED Anthropologie. Especially their aprons and ruffley skirts" and I had responded "While I love cultural anthropology I'm not that into linguistic anthropology", it may have been a greater cause for concern. Because we both would have been lying. And we would have lost our true selves in one short year.

And because that was the last time I spoke to her, I can't help but wonder if she's still studying anthropology. I'm undoubtedly still devoted to my studies at Anthropologie and to prove I've done my homework, I'd like to say how much I love the Stowaway Necklace. It's nautical and elegant and just perfect for spring.