planting seeds

"It's not what you don't have. It's what you do with what you do have." Kitty Bartholomew

I really can't say enough about Simply Yoga, the studio Jenny and I have been attending since February. After three months of one to two classes each week, I still leave exhausted every time, wondering if I'll be able to blow dry my hair the next day.

After such a positive experience, we decided to try a new studio. Why not be able to do more classes each week?

When I arrived at the new class, I knew it wasn't going to be quite the same. It didn't have that yoga smell (ah lavender), the lighting wasn't right, the room echoed...

But, I know different isn't always wrong. So I tried to maintain a positive attitude.

Unfortunately, things did not improve. The mats were smelly, there was no eye pillow (!), and it wasn't even a challenge.

I left feeling slightly downtrodden.

However, when I returned to Simply Yoga this week, it only made my regular class seem even more amazing. Did it always smell this nice? Are the eye pillows always so soothing? And am I always so sore the next two days?

It was a subtle reminder that, yes, sometimes, you should look into other options. But other times, it's important to be grateful for what you have. Whether it be a job, a house, or a friendship, do more with what you have, and focus less on what is missing. You never knew who might be envying exactly what you have. Besides, I've found that the grass is typically greenest right where you planted it.