chocolate gu

Even when I ran the Chicago Marathon, I just couldn't bring myself to eat Gu, or Hammer Gel, or any of those electrolyte-packed supplements. I can barely manage to drink water during a race, let alone attempt to swallow warm gel around mile 20.

And although I don't think I could eat a chocolate bar either, I'm intrigued by Bendetto Chocolates. The candies, which apparently legitimately taste like chocolate, are the most concentrated source of protein in the world. And, in case you're not one for chocolate, they come in lemon, caramel crunch, and mint as well.

After thinking about it, I've decided Bendetto should get with Gatorade and mix the Lemon Cubetti with the Lemon Lime Gatorade, and make a seriously powerful supplement packed with both protein and electrolytes.

Now that I could get down with.