There are certain things I wish for when it comes to retail.

For example, I wish that Apple would make clothing, because I think it would be both cute and sleek. Kind of like my adorable little MacBook. Sometimes, I think it's so nice looking, I wish I had a MacBook skirt.

Or that J.Crew would make some of their Crew Cuts items for their regular line. Can you really blame me for loving the Glow and Tell look?

One of my wishes has come true with the new clothing line for EmersonMade. I have had a major crush on their merchandise for a while now, and I always thought items like the Sunny Day clutch would translate very nicely into a dress.

And ta da! They have officially launched a clothing line, EM. The line is simple, feminine, and a little bit retro. And, of course, almost everything they have would look adorable with their poppy and dahlia pins too.