lust list: honey do's

Last week my mom tried to shock us all with recently acquired trivia.  She thought she'd come up with a real stumper when she asked us, "Do you know what food never expires?"

We all answered (in unison) "Honey". To which she was incredibly disappointed.

Regardless, I thought her trivia came at the perfect time, as September is National Honey Month

To celebrate, some lust worthy honey-colored do's:

The Matine Toile Duvet Cover from Pottery Barn.  Isn't it lovely?
The Globe-Trotter Centenary suitcase from J.Crew.  Though I must admit that if my honey were this shade, I might be alarmed...
The TokyoMilk Wrapped Soap from Anthropologie. I'm a sucker for anything French, and it's sweetened with honey.