whimsical wednesday {BYOL}

Lately my desire to pack my lunch for work has been rapidly diminishing.

My ever-faithful lunch options are looking tired, my interest in going to the grocery and getting creative is absent, and I've ended up with sad little meals like an apple and yogurt.

I'm dreaming of much easier, yet more detailed lunch options...

My absolute obsession for the last year has been veggie burgers.  Frozen, homemade, on the grill, on the skillet, at a restaurant...

I love them.  I think I could safely say that of the 365 days in the last year, I've probably had a veggie burger for 250 of them (total creature of habit).
Tonight I'm wishing these Black Bean Burgers with Mango Salsa that Court sent me could just create themselves. They'd be the perfect addition to my lunch. I'd top them off with some of my dad's sweet pickles and mustard, and be in lunch time heaven.
I'd throw in an oversized-perfect-for-fall crisp apple and a Halloween cookie (or two), pack it all up in my Box Appetit.