que sera sera

Sara visited me this weekend and I was so happy to have her here. The weekend was a whirlwind, especially compared to the looong week anticipating her arrival. I couldn't believe we were already saying goodbye yesterday!

We went to Noche (my favorite restaurant - you must try it if you live in Atlanta), played outside, vegged by the pool, made Sangria and had an all around fabulous time!
On Saturday night, we went out in Buckhead, where Sara, a Red Sox fanatic, was happy to find the team's paraphernalia.
On Sunday we found a surprise piece of art at Marshall's. It was especially great because we weren't actually looking for anything, but wandered in after breakfast and were pleasantly surprised. Sara is extra-handy so she helped me hang it/did most of the work...

After we spent a little time by the pool with Jim, we decided to go to Costco, and although I'm not a member, convinced people in the parking lot to let us walk in with them so we could get frozen yogurt.
All around, the weekend was a great success! Now I just have to convince her to move to Atlanta :)