a very happy memorial day

I've always liked Memorial Day for two reasons: (1) It's completely underrated and always surprisingly lovely, (2) It encourages rule breaking: sure, it's not summer yet, but let's just call it summer and enjoy it anyway.

This year was no exception. I was lucky enough to spend Memorial Day with the Smiths and, as usual, have left feeling even more madly in love with those kids.

And, as if Lily, Finn and Crosby weren't enough, I was also joined by my mom and Duke, and of course, Court and Ry. We enjoyed the crazy hot weather, went on sweltering runs, walked on the Downtown Mall, bought Lily and Finn new summer pajamas, and attended a polo match (more on that to come this week). It was a blissful weekend away.
Immediately after arriving, I made my way to Crosby so I could finally (!!) hold him. As I was reaching to pick him up, Lily was quick to remind me to "hanitize" (hand + santizer, in case you don't speak Nin).
And although Finn was more inclined to run down the hall, lose all control of his body, and bulldoze through Crosby, he also seemed older than last time I saw him.
He found his new favorite puzzle - Ryan's tool set.
And they were both in heaven when my mom surprised them with a pop up tent, with their own chairs
And while Lily and Finn provided endless entertainment, my heart is so full of love for Crosby. He's so sweet and relaxed, and even though he wasn't even supposed to be born yet, he is already coming off of his oxygen. What a champ! It's clear that he's going to fit right in with those other spunksters.