the moment we've (all?) been waiting for

If you know me, you know I'm pretty much the worst TV watcher ever. I never know when the shows I like are on, I am horrible at keeping up with them, and I've been known to ask if the shows I like are still on the air (did Las Vegas end?).

I counted down to the making of the Kennedy series and was really sad when I found out it had been canceled. And, like the tele-bungler I am, was completely shocked when I found out it ended up being released. I discovered it on my Netflix stream Sunday night, and after an action-packed weekend with very little sleep, it was just what I needed.

I can't get enough of it - from the clothing (!) to the intimate details of the family - I am beyond hooked. Katie Holmes' accent is a little lame, but I don't even care. I finally feel like all the books I've read are coming alive before my eyes. Is this what people felt like when the Harry Potter movies came out?

I have a very good feeling I might actually get through all eight episodes. At least, I think there are eight episodes...

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