keeping my plantsies alive

There are a few things that have made me feel like a grown up since moving to Atlanta. One is having my very own dry cleaner. Another is having my own plants.

My mom helped me pick and pot them this spring, and my little porch looked so happy and beautiful.

For approximately three days.

Then they died.

I was very sad because my mom and aunt have amazing green thumbs that they inherited from my grandma, and I am really hoping to cultivate one myself.

I tried to blame it on the Home Depot and promptly returned them sans receipt or original credit card. They gave me two new blossoming plants, which I took home and repotted. I also named them Tallulah and Delilah (twins), as I thought having names might help them feel more connected with me.

This time when they died, I couldn't point fingers. My track record is shameful.

However, when my mom came this weekend, she repotted and revitalized them. They're looking beautiful and she gave me a few tips to keep them alive.

So far, it's Wednesday, and they're still looking pretty good. I'll report back in a few weeks to let you know if they're still alive.

Green thumbs and fingers crossed!

PS: Tallulah is doing a little better than Delilah, which makes me think she might be the smarter sister. I am going to give D some extra love.