no more tarzan

Now that it's October (rabbit, rabbit) I am prepared to admit that summer is over. And, with the change of season comes a change in lifestyle as well. Since May, I can count on (less than) one hand how many nights I've spent at home. Not to say I've been weeknight partying, I'm too old for this now that I'm in Club 25, but I've just packed my nights with activities - dinner with friends, new workout classes, committees, sporting events, dates, outings, etc. And last week, it hit me that I can no longer sustain this. I'm deadso. And so, I'm vowing to slow it down this month.

You see, I have always had somewhat of an addiction to busyness. As Shauna Niequist puts it, "I love days when you're always leaving something early to arrive just a touch late at the next place, like pearls on a string or Tarzan swinging on vines, feet never touching the ground."

This is how I've felt my entire life, but it's safe to say that over the course of the last few months, I've overdone it just a bit. So as October begins, I'm making it my goal to sleep more than six hours each night and abstain from making plans at least one, but preferably two, nights each week. I'm confident these two baby steps will help me get things back under control, so that cleaning out my purse and mailing a letter don't become activities that sit on my to do list for weeks.

As my mom reminded me last week when I had a teeny tiny meltdown because I couldn't find time to get Ashley a baby gift and pack between yoga and meeting friends for sushi, balance is the key to life. And just because I've let things get slightly off balance does not mean I've failed (which was what I asked her during my super rational breakdown) but it does mean it's time to reeavalute just, exactly, what is essential to maintain.

So, in November, I'll be sure to report back on how this trial month goes. If all goes according to plan, I'll return as a super-rested, happy-as-a-clam-girl.

Happy unbusying!

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