confessions of a [non]DIYer

I like to think of myself as crafty. I don't, however, like to think of myself as someone who is in denial, and unfortunately, you can't have one without the other. Crafty I am not.

The real issue is that I have minimal patience for crafts. I'm interested in most projects for approximately 12.5 seconds, at which point I begin slopping it together so I can call it complete. It is one of the many, many traits I received from my mom and can be seen most clearly through the cabinet we repainted.

That being said, yesterday I made a Christmas ornament and was very [probably too] proud of the finished work.
We decoupaged styrofoam balls with cut up books, then added ribbon and a pearl pin (wha?).

Did I get panicked mid-project when my hands were covered in mod podge, which was also in my hair, and I realized the entire table was a mess? Absolutely. Did I attempt to pour the glue onto the styrofoam ball in order to speed up the process? Of course. And did I do a second one when everyone else did? Definitely not. But who needs a pair of ornaments when you have one happy little guy to hang on your tree?

I named the finished work Penelope and hung her on an aloe plant at work...
Now I can stare at her all day long, while I dream of aloe-ish months. Straight bliss, my friends!