sweet pickles

It's rumored that the only people in the world that know the recipe for Coca Cola are two top company executives, both of which only know half of it. Regardless of whether this is true, its kept under lock and key, and I'm pretty sure my dad's recipe for pickles should be treated the same way.

Absolutely amazingly delicious, I'm positive they're his ticket to fame. But, I'd be kind of sad because then he'd be too busy making them for other people than for me. Ah!

Last week was Leslie's last week with our company (sad) and after learning of her mutual obsession with sweet pickles, I decided to give her a jar from my stash.
It was really (really) hard to part with them, but she loved them so much that it was definitely worth it.

I'm down to only two jars, which is concerning. But I have a feeling my dad might send me more if I ask really nicely.