Grocery free: going strong

My moving date may have been changed to last weekend, but I’m still going strong on Shape's no grocery challenge.

I’ve eaten an inordinate amount of red meat, including two steaks and a burger, which makes me think the challenge may be making my wallet skinny, but having a dissimilar effect on me. Why I bought Omaha Steaks, we may never know. But they’re sure keeping me afloat.

When I moved, I was thrilled to discover an extra chicken breast that had gotten buried under a broccoli steamer bag in my freezer. After switching back and forth between vegetarian and red meat only dinners (an interesting combination), this poultry brought a whole new level of excitement to my Monday night.

Similar to Karen, I’ve had a bit of trouble cleaning out my fridge as effectively as I hoped, because my parents bought me a few groceries at Whole Foods when they were in town. I almost told them not to, but I was out of nuts and cheese, and seriously, who passes up a free trip to Whole Foods? We picked up cheese, carrots, pistachios and peanuts, and those three items have turned my lunches around. I’ve also had a few dinners out, so I still have more than enough food in that arena.

My current inventory includes:
Two Omaha Steaks and Four Omaha Pork patties (100 percent sure these will not be gone by the weekend)
Half a bag of artichokes
Two bags of broccoli steamers
Frozen soup (my lifeline for lunchtime)

Cheddar Cheese
Peanut Butter

Canned soup (less exciting than the homemade variety in my freezer)

I almost think I could make it another week to finish out the challenge with Karen...

I will have to noodle on it. But the reality is, my peanut butter is getting low.