Reggie, Reggie

Um. What is wrong with me? I finally went to the grocery (amazing) and I forgot peanut butter. What in the world?

Looks like my misfortune is actually turning out to be my own fortune (I realize that's not the correct expression, but you get it), because in lieu of another trip to Trader Joe's, I ordered Reginald's homemade peanut butter. I learned about it while doing the Shape No Grocery Challenge and have been itching to try it ever since. I ordered the Original Roast and the Hazelnut Amaretto. I'm currently sugar free in my diet, but as soon as I'm eating it again, I'm trying the Apple Sin. It looks amaze.

And now that I'm allowed to shop, I'm apparently going grocery wild. Publix Saturday? Sure. Trader Joe's twice Sunday? Yep. Online grocery shopping? Why not?

My abstinence may have backfired, since I'm apparently binging on groceries now, but my time away from the store did make me realize I can work a little harder to clean out my cabinets. I'm going to try to stick to an every other week schedule, which means this weekend's activities will have to last me until late February. Here waa go!
PS: Would it be weird to buy the shirt? Too much, too soon?