On Coconut Oil

Pretty basically everywhere I go lately, I hear about coconut oil. And so I figured it was time to try it out.

I picked up Dr. Bronner’s Unrefined Whole Kernel oil at Whole Foods and made chicken and peppers with it.

Pros: Easier clean up than olive oil, and if you accidentally use to much like yoahsss truly tends to do, it doesn’t splatter.

Cons: Contrary to what I’ve heard, the coconut flavor doesn’t cook out completely. The whole time I felt like I should have had some Malibu Rum in hand (+ possibly my swimsuit and a tan).

Re: cooking, I think I’ll stick with EVOO. However, I quickly transferred it from my kitchen to my bathroom, and it’s served as lovely lotion/chapstick this week.

Put the lime in the coconut, my friends!