the flossy, flossy

Do you ever have those days where you're feeling slightly less excited than usual? Not boredom - because that denotes a lack of busyness - but possibly less stimulated? I've arrived at this Wednesday a little less buzzy than usual, approaching my to do list with a lesser than multiple evils attitude.

What's the deal? I don't think I'm alone either. It seems everyone is busy with a side of blahs. I *think* it has to do with all of the anticipation for next weeeek - we're just so excited for the Four Day Fourth week ahead that we're forgetting to enjoy this lovely end of June.

And so. On this June 27 day, I shall live like it is my birthday. (And you should too!)

When I lived with Hannah, we liked to pretend it was our birthdays all the time, which included keeping both of our Happy Birthday banners hung all the time (see here), drinking champagne even when we weren't celebrating (unless you count the Bachelor as a celebration), and pretending calories don't count with random midweek cupcakes.

I'm fairly certain these actions will put the pep right into my step today.

I'll let you know it goes!