Never one to turn down the opportunity to try a new workout, I've been semi-stalking, mainly just dreaming, about Stand Up Paddleboarding (Sup) ever since my aunt, Mit, emailed me that she'd tried it and it was the best core workout she'd ever experienced.

The ocean? Plus a core workout? She needed not say more. I was hooked.

When we went to the beach last weekend Sup boards were everywhere and I decided I was going to have to try it. Less interested in renting one and more determined to borrow someone else's, Emily and I set our sights on making a Sup boarding buddy. Sunday night, with only a few short hours until sunset to go, we find ourself one kind sir with two YOLO boards.

We spent our last few hours on the beach balancing on the water and I can safely say that if I had the opportunity to do so, I could become pretty obsessed with it. We attempted yoga on them, which was definitely more successful for Emily than it was for me, but I did manage a backbend. Good enough, right!?

I'm currently trying to decide if using one on the Chattahoochee would work. I mean, you can Shoot it, so why not Sup it?

Photos by Emily McNider