Boatmeal Bars!

I was cruising right along with this whole veganism thing until last week when I had a little, tiny, baby meltdown. For one, I’m not yet seeing results from the diet change. While this is expected (two to three months), I was still hoping the doctor was just saying that, like when I tell myself on the treadmill that I have only been running for a mile, but I actually know, in my head, it’s been three. And for two, I am having a hard time feeling satisfied. I had no idea how much I relied on dairy to satiate me.

Ash had the blessing of experiencing said meltdown while we were in Indy and, no stranger to veganism, emailed me a whole bunch of amazing recipes, including a few from my newest obsession, Chocolate Covered Katie (yes – I realize I am the last person to know about her. Juuust slightly behind here).

So, earlier this week, I got myself together and made these Boatmeal Bars. And let me tell you, if I were stuck on a boat and only had one thing with me, I’d pick the Boatmeal over the Bar any day. They’re amazing. And satisfying.
Oh – I topped mine with peanut butter. Obviously. And I highly recommend it.