Five Things You Shouldn't Forget

I recently stumbled upon this article, 25 Things I Realized in College, and while the post on the whole is a little three years ago for my friends and me (good thing - or else I'd be wondering what we'd been doing since 2009), there were a few timeless highlights I couldn't help but share...

9. A spark is special. Don’t think it comes around often.
Whether that’s with a potential love interest or your new best friend — we are animals, my dear Darwin, and the pheromones are at work. You can’t resist your nature! In the case of romance, that sparkly individual will most likely be one of the best kissers you will ever lay your lips on.

10. “Ohana” means family and family means no one gets left behind.
That’s right, I just quoted Lilo & Stitch. You have your family and then your friends, which make up your second family. Put them at the top of your list because people are indispensable and they are the breath of life.

12. Obsessions are okay.
They are heightened moments of passion and interest that always come to a natural end. It’s like Picasso’s Blue Period, if his Blue Period is your laptop streaming Downtown Abbey, Mad Men, Parks and Rec, Game of Thrones,or anything regarding Honey Boo Boo Child. You’re an artist and will not be deterred!

20. When things don’t go your way, the universe has a way of working out.
Trust that the universe will take care of you as long as you put the work in, are a good citizen to humanity, and keep on keeping on.

24. Vulnerability is strength.
Don’t be afraid of your emotions or being vulnerable with people you care about. You often regret what you didn’t say to someone more than what you did say. Moments pass; so don’t pass up the moment to tell someone you care about them.

Happy Friday the 13th Peanuts!